Aldaron Esssences

Aldaron Essences offers over 30 original blend flower essence formulas, each conceived, developed, and hand-blended by long-time professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist Julie Cantrell, using traditional English (Bach) and North American flower remedies. Each unique blend is tailored to help dogs struggling with common behavioral challenges such as anxiety when traveling in a car, lack of focus during obedience training and over-stimulation when encountering other dogs. The formulas help to gently adjust extreme or out-of-balance emotions by "re-tuning" the dog's emotional perspective.

Products4Pets is pleased to recommend these safe and effective flower essence mixes after using them for a variety of behavioral issues in our own dogs. If you're interested in learning more about a specific formula or want to purchase one to help your dog, click one of the links below to go directly to the Aldaron Essences web site. (Please note that the list below only displays a limited number of blends. Visit the Aldaron Essences web site to see all available blends.)
NOTE: Products4Pets is offering Aldaron Essences formulas as part of the Aldaron Essences affiliate program.

Aldaron Essences Calm Formula


Use this flower essence mix for high-strung dogs with excessive nervous energy.

Click here to purchase Calm from Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences Confidence Plus Formula


Use this flower essence mix to improve your dog's self confidence, self assurance and resilience.

Click here to purchase Confidence Plus from Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences Focus Formula


Use this flower essence mix for dogs easily distracted in a hectic environment.

Click here to purchase Focus from Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences Moderation Formula


Use this flower essence mix for dogs who may be overbearing, controlling or easily aggravated during various situations.

Click here to purchase Moderation from Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences Travel Calm Formula


Use this flower essence mix for dogs who get stressed, anxious or restless while traveling.

Click here to purchase Travel Calm from Aldaron Essences

Aldaron Essences Very Scary Things Formula


Use this flower essence mix for dogs with fears, phobias and general anxiety.

Click here to purchase Very Scary Things from Aldaron Essences