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Tuffy Ultimate No Stuff Tug-O-War
Tuffy Ultimate No Stuff Tug-O-War All Prints

Tuffy Ultimate No Stuff Tug-O-War

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Tuffy® Ultimate™ No Stuff Tug-O-War is great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. It's best for dogs who like to fetch or play tug. Machine washable (air dry) and it floats! No white stuffing!

On the Tuffy DuraScale™ it's a 10!

  • Multiple Layers: Up to 4
  • Material Details: Soft fleece on the outside, 1-2 layers of industrial grade luggage material on the inside, 1 layer of plastic coating on the inside, no white poly stuffing
  • Rows of Stitching: Up to 4
  • Added Durability: Additional layer of webbing, sewn multiple times, around the outside edge to cover the seams
  • Additional Features: Squeakers are sewn inside safety pockets
Ultimate (medium/large dogs): 1” x 9” x 23”, 7 squeakers

Note: Your dog's safety is your responsibility. Tuffy® Ultimate™ toys are designed to be play toys and not chew toys. Only allow your dog to play with the toy under supervision. Do not allow your pet to ingest any portion of the toy. Injury may result.

Available in two fun prints:

  • Red (Paws)
  • Yellow (Bones)

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