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Paww TreatToob
Paww TreatToob

Paww TreatToob

Our Price: $8.00
Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Paww TreatToob™ is the ideal training accessory when you want to feed your own treat out of a squeeze tube. Instead of using a messy container or using a soft treat that might not agree with your dog's digestion, fill the TreatToob™ with your dog's favorite squeezeable treat (e.g. natural peanut butter) and carry it with you in this handy little food-grade silicone tube.

The soft tube is easy on hands and dishwasher safe so you can clean it between fillings. It has a large opening making it easy to fill and there's even a handy identification window so you can label each tube to make sure you're giving each dog his/her own special treat! (Note: The actual identification labels are in white print. Picture displays black to show detail.)

So, next time you're in a training session or at an agility trial and you need to reward your dog, flip the top on the TreatToob™ and squeeze out a tasty treat!

Choose from three colors:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
Holds 3 fluid oz.

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