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Emerald Pet Purely Prime Turkey Bacon
Pictured: Original Turkey

Emerald Pet Purely Prime Turkey Bacon

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No need to feel bad anymore when you don't share your favorite bacon with your canine pal. Emerald Pet has fixed the problem with their Purely Prime Turkey Bacon strips - available in three tasty flavors: Original Turkey, Turkey Chicken and Turducky.

Your dog will enjoy the Applewood smoked strips with their authentic bacon aroma and wonderful taste. Any size or age dog can enjoy them since they are super soft and easy to tear in smaller pieces or feed whole to your larger dogs or as a special treat. They're made with all natural ingredients including coconut oil and you can feel good that you're giving a healthy treat that is low in sodium with no sugar.
    • Made in the USA with US ingredients only
    • Fully cooked and ready to eat 
    • Over 90% meat 
    • Grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free
    • Naturally preserved with no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors 

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