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Beco Bowl
Beco Bowl

Beco Bowl

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Beco Bowls are completely sustainable to produce and biodegradable when you're finished with it. They're designed to work like any other plastic bowl and are made from natural bamboo resin which is BPA free. Designed to be both eco-friendly and functional, these attractive pet bowls are both tough and durable. They are even dishwasher friendly and last for years in the home.

Why are Beco Bowls unique?

Amazingly, Beco Bowls are made from 100% natural materials! Beco Pets plant fiber plastic is mainly made of bamboo, which is one of the world's most renewable sources. This makes each bowl 100% biodegradable. Because of this, when a Beco Bowl is thrown away it will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years leaving no trace of synthetic waste or landfill footprint.

A Beco Bowl is made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibers. Both materials are ethically sourced as bi-products from other agricultural processes native to China. By manufacturing locally to our material source we significantly reduce our shipping volumes.

The remaining 20% is a mixture of natural enzymes to bind the bowl together. This mixture of materials is called a Bio-Composite.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small (6.6" diameter, 27 oz. capacity)
  • Medium (8.2" diameter, 41 oz. capacity)
  • Large (10.2" diameter, 51 oz. capacity)

Available in three colors:

  • Blue
  • Green (Large only)
  • Natural

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